Unlock Your Lockdown


Since the start of the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, there was an alarming rise of domestic abuse across NI. Feelings of helpless isolation needed overturned – how could we remind victims that Covid lockdown didn’t have to mean they were locked into abusive relationships?



Women’s Aid NI felt the time was right to launch a province wide, integrated advertising & PR awareness campaign, the first of its kind in over 20 years for the organisation.

We designed a “lock-up” which would feature across all creative – an outline of a keyhole with the wording ‘unlock your lockdown’ was cleverly designed so that the keyhole outline also portrayed the female form, with legs taking a big positive step away. The graphic device encouraged victims to take that brave first step and contact people who could help them.


The client reported a massive growth of page views on their website and visits to their social media channels since the launch of the campaign. Call rates increased exponentially. Overall, it was a great creative challenge for us to work on due to the importance and sensitivity of the subject. The branding and proposition has been adopted across multiple Women’s Aid agencies and the brand property developed for life beyond lockdown with Women’s Aid being the key to unlocking a new life, free from abuse.

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