Thinking outside the frame

krow Ireland’s Media Director, Julie McCartney shares her views on how to make an impact and create stand out in this very busy world of advertising.

It is estimated that we are exposed to over 3,500 advertising messages per day and there is no doubt we are presented with marketing messaging and ads from a multitude of sources from the minute we get up! So how do we ensure that our ads are seen by the right people and actually make a big positive impact on their day?

As krow’s Media Director, I love the challenge and opportunity that each client brief presents – how can I best capture the target audience’s attention? I am constantly looking for innovative media delivery platforms to maximise the creative impact and visibility of the campaign. This means thinking creatively about the brand, the product, and of course the audience – how can we catch someone’s attention in a split second, can we do something engaging and interactive?

Effective media buying – at its most simple – is ensuring the ads are placed in the right place at the right time, in the most appropriate context. With all the advertising we are exposed to, outdoor advertising is one format that cannot be switched off, skipped or blocked – but we believe outdoor advertising should not always be restricted to the confines of the poster frame. Innovative techniques and special builds can complement campaigns, generating the extra standout we seek, to enhance the campaign rather than simply achieving a ‘media first’ (although we love that too!)

I am sure you will agree, one of Northern Ireland’s most iconic snacks is a packet of delicious Tayto Cheese & Onion crisps. The brand wanted a stand out campaign to showcase Tayto’s new look packaging, reinvigorating the well-loved crisp brand for current and new generations. We knew the best way was simply to get people to eat the product – who wouldn’t love a free bag of crisps gifted to them!  Two special build Adshel Impact Wraps were created to deliver the added impact for the campaign. The Adshels became a sampling experience – featuring rows of Tayto crisp packets for passers-by to help themselves to. Locations in Belfast City Centre and outside Queen’s University were chosen to ensure high pedestrian footfall, particularly with the younger demographic. The striking creative created an unmissable vibrant presence on the streets of Northern Ireland. Delighted passers-by enjoyed the unexpected treat and were encouraged to share the campaign hashtag #TaytoHappy, a reflection of the sheer joy the brand brings – Tayto will always have a place in the hearts of the Northern Irish!  The special build shelters were perfect for creating impact with the distinctive creative, while the interactive sampling opportunity gave the campaign the memorability and talkability that we sought; using traditional media in a unique way, whilst harnessing the power of social media in today’s digital age.

With the endless talk about Brexit all over the news, it’s easy to understand why people might have switched off to the subject – so when InterTradeIreland needed to communicate with SME’s across Ireland asking them to prepare them for Brexit – it was clear we needed a striking campaign to engage the audience and stand out from the noise.

A special 2D build on Great Victoria Street provided a fantastic opportunity to give the campaign added impact and memorability, capturing the attention of the heavy commuter traffic on route to the City Centre and showcasing the striking creative that plays on the well-known metaphor of the “elephant in the room” to drive home the message in a creative way.

There is no doubt that understanding audiences, and providing engaging, creative media solutions can bring impressive results, creating standout in people’s busy lives, so if you want to get creative with your campaigns…we will happily accept any challenge!

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