Bitesize Brexit

The headscratcher

How could we get SMEs across Ireland to start preparing for Brexit amidst so much uncertainty, change and politics? They simply weren’t engaging with the imminent reality. There was so much to learn, they always had something else to do.


The big positive impact

We named and branded the small preparatory online steps SMEs need to get Brexit ready, by promising how simple it would be. Deal with the issues now, in bitesize manageable pieces. Bitesize Brexit – lending itself to the notion of how you eat an elephant…you know…the elephant in the room!!

The headlines


Campaign is still ongoing, but initial results show overall performance has been very strong with approx. 4 million impressions to date, generating huge CTR metrics across the board.  The Search CTR is nearly 5 times average and Display over 100% average.  Overall engagement metrics are strong with many ‘000 new visitors to the site while driving 4,500 past users back to the site.  Accurate figures are not to be published; a bit like that elephant – huge and unpredictable!

More Work


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