Written by Jenny Devine, Account Director at krow Ireland

Back in the game

After much anticipation, I am back in the working world. In many ways it feels as if I never left – as if the last year was a lovely dream filled with endless cuddles and long walks with my wee boy – and lots of half-drunk cups of tea!

But now I’m back at my desk and you know what? It’s been pretty good so far. This is only week five and I feel like I’ve jumped straight back in where I left off, plus already I’ve managed to drink about a hundred uninterrupted full cups of tea! Bliss! And it’s refreshing to be using my mind again.

I suppose I had always known I wanted to be a ‘working mum’ but had never really thought about what that meant. With it becoming a reality, I can see how it can be overwhelming – making the transition back into the working world and leaving your baby after being joined at the hip for so long. Here’s a few things that helped me adjust quicker when I came back:

  1. I worked my Keeping in Touch Days

I can’t recommend this enough. It helped ease me back in and get updates from colleagues, plus all the latest goings on! krow moved to a brand new location when I was off on maternity, and so it also let me see where I would be working when I returned. Plus, I had actual HOT cups of tea!

  1. I got straight back into business as usual

Leading a brainstorm session and being involved in the latest pitch after a couple of days back at work meant I felt back in control quickly. It really helped me grow in confidence and cast aside any self-doubt. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

  1. I saved some holidays

Holding back some holidays and using these to work a four-day week for the first little while has been brilliant in helping me settle back in. krow have been great in facilitating any flexibility I’ve needed.

I am so lucky in that I enjoy my job and love working with our team at krow. They’ve certainly made the transition back into the working world easier for me. I’ll hopefully be a dab hand at being a working mum in no time.

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