Written by Stephen Roycroft, Managing Director at krow Ireland

All together now…All together better!

So here we are, krow Ireland, in Belfast, playing our part within an international network of MISSION Group plc agencies, the big bosses in that fancy London, with the krow agencies also in London, and Norwich, and Leicester and…back to here, Belfast, in the buzzin’ Cathedral Quarter.  So after that quick world tour, let’s explain ours…

We’ve a crack (‘craic’ for radio) creative bunch in Belfast – advertising, design, digital and full media planning and buying…but we’re part of a 200 strong krow team across the UK. Endless resource, endless creativity making big positive impacts for huge brands and brave businesses who kinda like to get more back than they spent on their comms. And we agree.

Our client relationships are built on big, bold, brave ideas that never forget that the brand is the star, not the ad. We make brands sing, shout, touch, move, reassure, affirm, comfort, thank; we make relationships work for brands.  By working together.  Listening, conversing and connecting with clients cracks big ideas – so their brands can do the same with their customers.

And at krow, we work together too. From creative luvvies to suits in blue jeans, from digi-junkies to production rottweilers – big ideas can come from the smallest moments, least likely places. But because we welcome positive input, share thoughts between us, sometimes between offices, between agencies; our big ideas just get bigger. Like the impacts they make.

So, again, here we are, krow Ireland…in Belfast…already perfectly formed. But all together part of something big. And most importantly, connected to clients’ brands and the folks out there…buying their stuff. And that’s better altogether now!

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