Supply Chain Charter

All sub-contractors carrying out works on our behalf / under our control, should comply with the requirements of this document.

As a sub-contractor engaged by us, you and your staff are required to comply with the requirements of our Quality Management System. To that end, you must;

  1. Be familiar with our Quality Policy Statement (QG 01 – Available on request) aims and principles and ensure that your carry out your work with this policy in mind.
  2. Ensure that all works carried out do not impinge on our ability to fulfil these aims and principles.
  3. Understand that the work you do is important for us to meet the requirements of our Quality Management System and most importantly our customers. If you do not conduct yourself / provide your service with this in mind, resulting in a poor service to our customer, your actions may be reviewed as part of our non-conformance process.
  4. Ensure that you provide the goods / services required as detailed within our Purchase / Engagement Instruction.
  5. Ensure that a quality control inspection of your product/service is undertaken prior to supply of goods/completion of service.
  6. Ensure that those manufacturing the product / providing the service are competent and do so using equipment and processes that will ensure a high level of quality whilst ensuring compliance with applicable statutory requirements.
  7. Ensure you are aware that, along with our customers, we will not be carrying out any formal product/service verification or validation activities at your premises.
  8. We will inspect the quality of product / quality of service of receipt of said product / service, via a thorough visual inspection or a certification of conformity (where we do not have the expertise to inspect product / service quality).
  9. We will review your performance on an annual basis.
  10. Supply of products or services is evidence of acceptance of these requirements.

By supplying your products and services, you agree to abide by the terms of this charter.